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Presto Stantest

Presto Stantest (P) a known name in the field of testing instruments. The parent company was established in the year 1982,

Presto Stantest
Box Compression tester computerised

and ever since it has strived to accomplish reliable quality and after sales service. The range of polymer, textile & yarn, coatings and packaging testing instruments from the company is not only technologically advanced and simple to use, but is also priced to give value for money to customers. These instruments are endorsed by reputed companies like Gap, Honda, Suzuki, Colgate, Cadbury India, Pepsi, Hindustan Coca Cola, Palmolive, Akzo Nobel, Reliance, Nestle India, Parle Agro and Bisleri.

The ISO 9001: 2008 certified company also has a strong foothold in the international market and business transactions are executed directly by its exports department. “We follow best quality practices in manufacturing material testing instruments,” said Gaurav Malhotra, Director, Presto Stantest (P) Ltd.

“The term ‘packaging’ includes all types of containers, boxes and wrappers used to defend, transport and distribute goods – including corrugated cases, trays, crates and pallets. The packaging instruments is usually understood to comprise of manufacturers of wrapping materials, converters who print and make packaging and packaging components, ink and adhesive makers. Without packaging it would merely not be possible for consumers to have access to most of the products, which are accessible day- to-day,” he added. The main packaging testing instruments are bursting strength tester- pneumatic, box compression tester, crush tester and peel adhesion tester for materials like paper and carton board, plastics, metals, glass and wood.

The bursting strength tester is defined as the distending force, which is applied at 90° angles to the plane of the paper, under specified conditions, which results in the rupture of a paper; corrugated boxes and paper board. It is the most frequently measured strength property of paper. “The analysis apparently originated from the ancient time practice of the papermaker who, in hands- on quality control determination of paper strength, would attempt to press on his thumb through the sheet. This is the official test used for evaluating the bursting strength of papers with thickness. Similar tests have been assumed for determining the bursting strength of heavier paperboards and corrugated fiberboard,” informed Malhotra.

The Presto box compression tester – computerized, is a compact instrument with user friendly controls and software. It is a state- of- the- art equipment that comes with HMI system. “Cardboard boxes should possess sufficient compression strength so that they do not get collapsed or flattened when stacked one above the other either during transit or in storage. The compression strength is determined by placing the box on a flat platform and pressing it down from the upward with the help of another flat plate by a motorized arrangement,” concluded Malhotra.


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