In True Colours!

Shell Colours & Chemicals, started in the year 1995 with modest investment, has grown into one of the most successful and visible business enterprises today. Setting great emphasis on professionalism in the printing inks and allied chemical business, the company has defined new benchmarks in services as well as technical support.

‘To meet growing demands and keep pace with the involving print technology landscape, we now operate in all parts of the country from the industrial zone in Daman and Sarigam,” said Raajkumar Lodha from Shell Colours & Chemicals.

The company manufactures variety of BOPP pigment paste, which is used in coloring different type of BOPP tapes and BOPP buff paste. It is also engaged in manufacturing wide range of water based printing ink for corrugation boxes, labels and tissue papers.

“Shell aims to provide high quality inks at affordable prices catering to the needs of various industries. It is strongly committed to providing quality inks to its customers and also gives them the flexibility of customized special inks,” added Lodha.

The Shell Group is also an authorized distributor for marketing printing inks of Micro Inks and has installed its computerised colour matching system known as ATM – Any Time Matching. “Recently we have also entered in the arena of manufacturing interior and exterior paints,” concluded Lodha.


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