Wind Up With

Naman Enterprises presents a range of versatile and user-friendly programmable coil winding machine available in several configurations. The machine comes with accessories, custom jigs/fixtures, offering optimum and comprehensive winding solution based on coil complexity, size & productivity; leading to minimum start up time and cost effective solution.

All machines are microcomputer controlled to attain high winding accuracy, consistency and low maintenance. Menu-driven programming through alphanumeric dialogue display and a 5 key joystick keypad helps to realize complex winding programs with exceptional ease. A powerful set of programmable parameters and multi-program memory makes it possible to wind simple relay coils to complex switching transformer & variable pitches coils with equal simplicity.

Robust construction, design and standardized manufacturing practice coupled with a responsive service back up ensure long operational life and uninterrupted performance.

Electrotech high voltage breakdown tester has been designed for use on production line of domestic electrical appliances, cables, PVC tapes, electrical equipments, lighting fixtures, super enameled wire and general inspection in all laboratories. They also meet the requirements of ISS-302 and can be used for testing grounded or isolated equipments.

These testers have high accuracy of output test voltage and utmost operating safety. Fast electronic tripping has been provided with four current settings, selectable by the other user through a switch by other panel. A micro switch is provided on test probe to apply high voltage to item under test. High voltage is available till the switch is pressed. A failure trips voltage supply with audio visual indication and reset table by the probe switch. Thus, the operating system is very fast and production friendly.


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