Keep It Dry!

The Indian packaging industry is growing at a fast pace. The growth indicator for the industry is the food & beverage and pharmaceutical packaging sectors. Both industries, be it food or pharma, face problems during packaging due to high humidity. It causes the powder to stick to the conveyor belt, thus preventing filling operations. There are several other problems that are caused due to uncontrolled humidity. Bry-Air has come up as a leading name in moisture/ humidity control. With over 25000 installations and nearly 50 years of experience, the company is recognized for solutions used in humidity control, drying, conveying & blending and gas phase filtration systems.

“We have one of the widest and the world’s most energy efficient range of desiccant dehumidifiers and dryers. These can be used in every dry air application and in every industry ranging from drying tiny seeds, to providing ambient conditions for life saving drugs, microchips and challenging dry rooms conditions for Lithium battery production or mothballing mighty freighters,” said Manoj Bhatia, AVP-AT from Bry-Air (Asia) Pvt. Ltd.

“From compact to engineered, Bry-Air dehumidifiers are designed to suit most unique moisture/humidity control needs of our customers. Today, some of the best and the most recognized names in the industry have opted for our dehumidifiers,” he added.

The company has sales and service presence in 6 continents with wholly owned subsidiaries in Malaysia and China, a licensee in Brazil and associate plant in USA. It has its offices in Japan, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Turkey, Italy, Netherlands, South Africa, Australia, office & warehouse in Sharjah – UAE, apart from the nine offices in India. Bry-Air serves industries including-

•           Pharmaceuticals

•           Food Processing

•           Electronics & Semiconductor Industry

•           Research Laboratories

•           Engineering Industry

•           Cold Storage

•           Defense

•           Data Centers & Server Rooms

•           Refineries & Petrochemicals

•           Paper & Pulp Industry

•           PET Industry

•           Automobile Industry, and

•           Extrusion & Cable Pipe Industry


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