A Head Start!

Robatech AG, Muri-Switzerland, is the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of adhesive application systems. Recently the company presented innovative hot melt application heads, which set new standards for speed, durability and precision.

The requirements for the bonding of packaging are very high and they also change for each product. Thus, the material, size and shape of the packaging also influence the type of bonding used. In the confectionary industry small collapsible boxes are generally used for sweets or chewing gum, and cardboard boxes and chocolate wrap for chocolate bars. The adhesive flaps are particularly small, which means that clean and accurate bonding is imperative for successful sales presentation at the POS.

Quick Switching Cycles Combined With High Wear-resistance: The electro-magnetically operated SpeedStar™ Diamond application heads can apply up to 800 adhesive dots per second. This has allowed Robatech to successfully combine rapid switching cycles with high wear-resistance. Even with temperatures of up to 185 °C and viscosities up to 5000 mPas, SpeedStar™ application heads have a much longer life than conventional heads. The newly patented sealing concepts also add electronic stroke monitoring and cycle evaluation.

Precision At High Speed: These heads are also high precision because the valve stem stroke is monitored and automatically adjusted. The repeat accuracy is thus unique, whereby the dot size and position can be guaranteed without manual re-adjustment over its life. Another advantage is that less adhesive is used as the dot or bind size is smaller. In addition, exact temperature control with insulation and nozzle guard helps to achieve better bonding behaviour. Nozzle clogging is all but eliminated with the integrated filter.

Intelligent & Economical: The SpeedStar™ application heads are a step ahead in matters of ecology and efficiency. They are insulated with the tried and tested SX Diamond Series plastic housing, which clearly improves energy efficiency and protects the operator against burns. The heads are however still small and slender and can be installed in areas where space is limited. They are also compatible with most Robatech SX application heads. The electronics integrated into the head constantly control and monitor its operation. Signs of wear are thus automatically adjusted. Integrated counters help in the planning of maintenance work and a LED display ensures reliable status indication.


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