Jet Set Go!

Techmech, one of the leading players in material handling equipments, presents its specific range of products.

JET Hydraulic Hand Pallet Truck: The system has a unique design, which ensures minimum time in handling, maximum use of floor area and easy handling to the operator. Lighter weight & easier rolling design and heavy duty double ball bearings in each wheel, helps to pull push the ‘JET’ pallet truck without extra efforts.

JET Hydraulic Battery Drive Pallet Truck: This system is apt for easy transportation of pallets in big plants and warehouses. For a long travel in plants it is a versatile machine to handle the pallets safely & quickly with minimum efforts.

JET Hydraulic Hand Stacker: The handlift stacker is mobile, with easy push or pull by hand. All wheels are provided with double ball bearings with dust covers. The Hyderabad unit of the company manufactures special wear resistant seals, which ensures 100% leak proof system.

JET Semi Elect. Stacker: The stacker is mobile with easy pushing or pulling by hand. All wheels are provided with double ball bearings with dust covers and foot operated brakes. Lifting and lowering of forks is done by the hand lever placed on the front cover.

JET Battery Drive Stacker: Lifting and lowering of forks & traveling of stacker is done by push buttons   placed on the handle. A person either from the ground or standing can drive the stacker on the platform.

JET Drum Lifter Cum Tilter: This Drum Lifter is composed of hydraulic system, main body, drum holding device and tilter. The frame work is welded of high quality swage. The hydraulic gear is equipped with return valve and foot pedal to control drum carriage lowering rate and ensure that the hydraulic action is accurate and reliable.

JET Drum Carrier: TMDC is an ultimate easy & safe drum carrier with hydraulic system to lift and transport the MS/Plastic drums by a single person from one place to another in big go-downs and production areas. Two big size rear wheels are provided with two bearings each and one front wheel swiveling type with double ball bearings for smooth running.

JET Aerial Maintenance Platform (Double Mast): This is an ‘aerial maintenance platform’ suitable for attending the maintenance works of lighting, overhead cranes and window cleaning at high levels in workshops, warehouses or on good pucca floors. These platform can be used for maintenance of lights and attend to jobs even upto 7.7, 9.7, 11.7 & 13.7 & 15.7 mtr. heights. The JET Aerial Maintenance Platform (Single Mast) can be used for 7.5 Mtr. & 9.5 mtr.  heights.

JET Battery Drive Scissor maintenance Platform: This system has been introduced in the market, especially for horizontal battery operated drive in order to make it more versatile and all purpose machine with provision for extended platform. The operator on the platform can operate it by himself- lifting, extension as well as driving the platform. 

JET Aerial Order Picker (AC or DC):  This system has been introduced as a lighter version of battery/electric operated lifting platform with the features that the operator will stand over the rising platform under full protection of railings. It can also travel short distance manually in shop or warehouse and is a very light machine within 300 kgs. A special feature of aerial maintenance platform is the Power Pack from Taiwan make, which is a known for its quality and reliability.

Jet Battery Drive Order Picker: This has been introduced as a lighter version of battery drive platform / stacker. This is very conveniently used for working on machines and jobs, which are quite high and require handling at heights of more than 2 mtr. Moreover, certain operations have to be carried out vertically up and down, for which this is as ideal machine.


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