Stovec Industries Brings DSI Digital Label Printer To India

Stovec Industries, a group company of Netherlands-based Stork Prints, has brought its flagship DSI digital label printer in India.

“The label industry has been witnessing big changes in recent times. Decrease in run length and shorter delivery times have become significant challenge for the label printers,” said Mark Huisman, Sales Manager, Stork Prints.

“Thanks to the input of its extensive customer base in rotary screen printing and its experience of over 4,000 inkjet systems installed worldwide, stork could developed DSI label printer to meet the challenges faced by the label manufacturer,” he added.DSI digital label printer

“The economies of scale are clearly visible for smaller, straight forward jobs. It also makes sense to use the DSI for more complex and higher-volume jobs, more colour means extra plates, longer press set-up time and higher chances for mis-registration, Huisman further stated.
DSI digital label printer can print at speeds of up to 720 sq/m per hour at a resolution of up to 1,000 dpi on a variety of substrates with the new digital primer enabling printing on machine coated paper. “The unit is ideal for markets ranging from food and personal care to wine and spirits, household goods and outdoor applications,” he concluded.

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