Malhotra Graphics Invest In Ideal Paper-Cutting Machines

Mumbai-based Malhotra Graphics which has been appointed by Krug+Priester, a German manufacturer of Ideal cutting machine for the Indian market, has installed four Ideal paper-cutting machine at Jamnagar, Mumbai, Raipur and Indore. Jamnagar and Mumbai installations are the recent ones.

“Malhotra Graphics enjoyed a successful last quarter with the sale of new and Krug+Priester product. This has boosted our activity and we are more aggressive. The Ideal cutting machine is suited for the digital printing setup due to its size which is an advantage,” said Navdeep Singh Dadwal, Vice President Sales, Malhotra Graphics.

“Besides these four Ideal paper cutting machines we also have four new orders which are under process of shipment,” he added. The Ideal cutting machines are available in the range from 15inch to 25inch.

In India, 10 Ideal cutting machines were installed – and after Malhotra Graphics appointment, the total has gone up to 14. According to Malhotra Graphics the numbers are set to rise; what with the recent buoyancy in the market.

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