Robtech Presents Ecological Gluing With GREENLINE

Robatech’s market appearance has been characterized by a green logo for more than 30 years, and the concept hotmelters of the Hotmelt Systemlatest GREENLINE generation are also ‘green’ because their working mode is particularly energy saving. Up to 171 percent energy can be saved in combination with a heated hose NW 6 mm and the fully insulated SX Diamond applicator heads.

This energy saving is the result of an exact analysis which Robatech carried out in-house for each component. The company determined where the overall system emits the most heat, and then insulated these areas specifically. From the applicator head over the hose right to the hotmelter it carefully investigated all appliance components for the energy consumption and heat losses. This way Robatech found out where to attack in order to achieve perceivable energy savings. The first step was to design our fully-insulated applicator head SX Diamond, which consumes up to 60% less energy than the preceding models. Energy can also be saved by using a hose of diameter 6 mm instead of the previous 8 mm.

The latest measures Robatech implemented with a view to ‘greener’ and more ecological Robatech adhesive applicator systems are the special insulation with which the company provides the melting tank of well-proven Concept hotmelters and the cover over the adhesive distributor. All these optimizations enable us to save 171 percent energy compared with the hotmelt applicator systems offered so far. “This puts us in the lead also when it comes to ecologically working hotmelt applicator systems. A further plus of the insulation of the applicator head and the insulated cover over the adhesive distributor is the improved protection of the operating personnel. The danger of personal injury (burns) during operation of the appliances is reduced to the minimum,” explains Hanspeter Huber, Product Manager Packaging Industry at Robatech.

Robatech sets a clear example with its GREENLINE concept: Optimizations as well as new and further developments in the sense of more ecology, environment friendliness and sustainability are initiated and realized step by step.

“At a later point in time the Concept hotmelters with bigger tank volumes will also become available with the special GREENLINE insulation, at no extra charge. Moreover, Robatech has further ‘green projects’ in the pipeline,” added Huber.


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