Ecobliss Launches Easy To Open Blister Pack

Usually the blister packs are either face heat seal carded packs or clamshell packs. In case of face seal packs, when the customer tries Ecoblissto remove the blister either part of plastic remains with the board or some paper remains with the plastic. In case of Clamshell blisters it is very difficult to tear open with bear hands. One has to use scissors to cut away the pack. Imagine, the plight of a old person unable to access a special toothbrush from a nice blister pack and end up throwing the product without using it! Also many customers look at blister packaging in a negative way because of the difficult and unpleasant method of opening. So, there is  a strong need for a blister pack which has to protect the product well, sturdy enough and it should be easy to open.

The unique innovation of ‘Easy to Open Blister Pack’ addressed all these problems. This innovation by Ecobliss has bagged the Coveted Worldstar, International Packaging Excellence award.

 Salient Features of Pack

  • Pack provides adequate presentation on the shelf.
  • Printing on both sides provides client more opportunities to market.
  • Can be given any surface finish UV, lamination (unlike regular face seal blister  card)
  • Tamper evidence and easy opening – the key dual features.
  • Can be used in host of fields, automobile, electrical, electronics, hardware and FMCG.
  • Since the card and the blister are separated 100% there is no question of plastic remaining on the paper.
  • The card is recyclable and biodegradable and the Blister cup is 100% recyclable, hence eco- friendly.
  • Separation of the components allow proper disposal.
  • Pack provides high visibility, strong shelf impact

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