Par Excellence

Ace Products, a leading player in the field of packaging machines and materials since 2005, presents its all new range of EXCELPACK™ shrink packaging machines. The company, catering to almost every part of India, is spreading its network by inviting reputed dealers to be its authorized dealer in their respective regions. “This will help us provide more efficient services to our clients,” said Vikram Singh from Ace Products. “The quality of shrink packaging machines is acknowledged and appreciated by our customers and we have a good market in India and overseas. We also deal in other products like strapping machines, stretch wrappers, taping machine, band sealers and case erectors,” he added.

Ace Products also specializes in packaging materials like polyolefin shrink film, available in cross-linked film, low shrink force film, hot slip film, 10 micron special film and normal grade film. Apart from this the company also sells PVC cling film, pallet stretch film and MaxStretch™ film from Malaysia. The PVC cling Film is 100% food grade and is certified by FDA. It has a special anti-fog agent, which helps food stay fresh for a longer period. Palm oil is used as the cling agent which is 100% natural. “Even MaxStretch™ is not a normal stretch film; it is made from special raw materials and has better memory than conventional or pre-stretch stretch films. It is almost 40% cheaper than any other film available in the market,” explained Singh.


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