Go With The Flow

ACG PFM model
ACG PFA model
pfm scirocco bb 005

ACG Value Links brings the latest in flow wrapping technology from PFM, Italy for the Indian Pharma Market.

The PFM model ‘Scirocco BA’ and ‘Scirocco BB’ represent one of the utmost levels of specialization of high-speed MAP (Modified Atmospheric Packaging) machines; the cantilevered construction makes it extremely easy to clean at every point. PFM’s flow wrapping technology can be used for various applications like aerosols, medical devices, pregnancy kits and blisters in flow wrap. PFM’s flow wrapping machines are 21 CFR (Part 11) compliant.

“Customer feedback and a strong research team has helped us evolve in the last 50 years, the result of which has been the ability to cater to customer needs with wide variants of flow wrapping machine,” said Shabbir Badami from ACG.

The company provides end-to-end packaging solutions with its line of integrated product flow wrapping, collating, case packing and palletizing machines.


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