New Office Bearers of IPAMA for term 2021-23

The elections of the Governing Council Members of Indian Printing Packaging & Allied Machinery Manufacturers’ Association (IPAMA), for the term 2021-2023, were conducted through e-Voting on 18th October 2021.

The following candidates were elected as Members of the Governing Council for the term 2021-2023: –

  1. Mr. Abhay Datta
  2. Mr. Adithya Gupta
  3. Mr. Alpesh Thakar
  4. Mr. D.K. Garg
  5. Mr. Gagan Singh
  6. Mr. Gurpratap Singh
  7. Mr. Harish Bansal
  8. Mr. Jaiveer Singh
  9. Mr. Jaswinder Singh
  10. Mr. Kartar Singh
  11. Mr. Ketan K. Shah
  12. Mr. Kuljeet Singh Maan
  13. Mr. Mr. Paramjit Singh
  14. Mr. R. Suresh Kumar
  15. Mr. Rakesh K. Sodhi
  16. Mr. Ravinder Singh
  17. Mr. Shiv Kumar Sharma
  18. Mr. Vinay Kumar Gupta

Ex-Office Bearers:

  1. Mr. Dayaker Sripathi, Immediate Past President
  2. Mr. Iqbal Singh, Immediate Past General Secretary
  3. Mr. Dharampal Rawat, Immediate Past Treasurer

Co-opted Members:

  1. Mr. Mahesh Tanwar
  2. Mr. Prashanth Kumar B.R.

The 120th Meeting of the Governing Council of IPAMA was held at 5.00 PM on 22nd October 2021 at Hotel Fortune Inn Grazia, Sector-27, Noida in which the following office bearers were elected unanimously: –

  1. Mr. Rakesh K. Sodhi, President
  2. Mr. Jaiveer Singh, Vice President – North
  3. Mr. Harish Bansal, Vice President – South
  4. Mr. Iqbal Singh, Vice President – West
  5. Mr. Vinay Kumar Gupta, General Secretary
  6. Mr. Ravinder Singh, Joint Secretary – West
  7. Mr. D.K. Garg, Joint Secretary – East
  8. Mr. Gagan Singh, Joint Secretary – South
  9. Mr. R. Suresh Kumar – Treasurer
  10. Posts of Vice President – East and Jt. Secretary – North- yet to be filled.

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