Konica Minolta Introduces Pro 1100, Production Printer

Konica Minolta, a well-known digital printing brand recently introduced its new Printing Press, the bizhub PRO 1100.


Konica Minolta which has recently made a distinctive position in the Production Printing Market in India claims that the new bizhub PRO 1100 will outperform in all business environments.

The bizhub PRO 1100 series offer a monochrome digital printing press making it ideal for central in-house printing departments and also for external print-for-pay services and high volume statements and bills printing. According to the company, the new printing press device has increased productivity and is reliable in various situations from professional use to centralised reprographics departments.

Mentioning the high-productivity, the bizhub PRO 1100 can print 100 pages per minute with high print quality of up to 1,200 dots per inch (dpi). Further, it can easily handle 150,000 to 3,00,000 prints at a time and can reach up to 2.2 million black and white prints per month putting it up there with top tier range of similar printing press devices with aggressive price. Apart from the black and white print, the bizhub PRO 1100 also comes with simultaneous double-sided colour scanning technology which is capable of scanning up to 180 originals per minute.

The company further claims that the bizhub PRO 1100 is the first printing device from Konica Minolta to support the bizhub Open Platform (OP), a technology that offers new user-friendly open developer platform that contains an Open API communication system which allows application developers to create applications that communicate with the bizhib PRO 1100. The platform also allows third-party applications for accounting, authentication or scan-routing applications.

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