International Packaging Conclave 2017


The annual International Packaging Conclave will be held on 4 August, 2017 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. Organized by (P) Ltd in association with Siegwerk India (P) Ltd, this year’s theme for the conclave would be “Safe Packaging- For a better tomorrow.”


Scheduled to start post Lunch, The keynote session on “Packaging Safety: Need for an integrated support” will be presented by a Leading Industry Expert.


Session 1- Product Safety: Risk Assessment of Packaging Material

Chaired by Ashish Pradhan of Siegwerk India, the first session (based on an interactive Panel Discussion) will offer a platform to brand owners and regulatory authorities to share their perspective in the area of packaging safety. The aim is to look at Packaging Safety in India Vis-à-vis the global trends.  The session will also outline their expectations from the supply chain partners.

Session 2- Migration and Toxicology: A threat to consumer safety

This session (based on individual presentations) will throw light on the concept of migration; types of migration; factors affecting migration and the impact of migration on product safety. It will also demonstrate the toxicological impact of certain specific components on product safety and the levels at which the impact becomes critical. It will also focus on the analytical requirements required to substantiate migration of components into the products. This session will be chaired by Dr. Joerg Peter Langhammer of Siegwerk India.

Session 3- Packaging Compliance: Connecting the Dots

Ensuring packaging compliance is a complex challenge as it necessitates the stakeholders in the supply chain to collaborate and work together to deliver safe packages for products. The session will invite views from different stakeholders in the packaging chain on their role to ensure the compliance of final printed articles. It will further elaborate on the need of collaboration and knowledge sharing among the stakeholders to be able to deliver safe packages. Dr. Evert Delbanco of Siegwerk India will take charge of this session

A leading Industry Expert will summarize the topics of discussed during the day and the conference will conclude with a networking dinner.

The conference will be a concurrent event with PackPlus’17- The Total Packaging, Processing & Supply Chain Event. With more than 375 exhibitors, spread across 6 Halls, the show will greatly supplement the Conclave.

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