Cosmo films has introduced upgraded version of Synthetic Paper


Cosmo Films Ltd. one of the largest manufacturers of Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) films in the world, has revolutionised  the paper industry. The company has launched an upgraded version of synthetic paper which could replace paper in several applications.

This paper is not sourced naturally and actually a BOPP film which appears and behave like paper. They can replace paper in all applications where non-tearability and weather resistance is desired.

The plastic version of paper is also pertinent in today’s scenario where environmental conservation and sustainability measures are desirable.

Currently, the demand for synthetic paper in India is being led by the following application segments :

1) Tags and Labels :  Usage of Synthetic Paper for PSA label application is increasing due to growth in sectors like organised retail , pharmaceutical and luxury products segment. With the printers investing in new technology and high-end machines, the demand for this product is going to increase significantly. Tags application is growing due to export related jobs from international brands

2)Commercial Printing – This is the biggest segment where conventional paper is being used currently. Majorly , synthetic paper is being used for marketing collateral’s like brochures , calendars , menu cards etc. where the aspect of durability comes into play. The growth in this segment is based on specific customer requirements for this product.

3)Identification and Credentials – We have seen an increased usage of Synthetic paper in this segment and is growing at a fast pace. Major usage has been in terms of Government Identity cards ( PAN, AADHAR etc.), Educational institutions ( Student ID Cards, Marksheets and Degree Certificates) . We have seen an increasing trend towards enhanced security printing in these applications which have led to increased demand for Synthetic Paper and other Film laminated papers.

S Satish, global head sales and marketing, Cosmo Films, said, “The universal printable synthetic paper has been a long-standing unmet need of the market, as currently different synthetic paper grades were being offered for different printing technologies. This universal printable product would help the printers to significantly reduce their inventory carrying costs.”

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