Zund Installs Digital Cutter At Ideal Designs

Zund India

Zund India has completed the installation of the largest digital diecutting system the Zund G3 L2500 at Ideal Design, a fabricator of POP Zund Indiadisplays and signage. The Bengaluru company is a part of the Ideal Design group based in Dubai and it fabricates POP displays and signage from a variety materials including wood, sheet metal, and thermoformed plastics.

The company’s marketing and display projects combine extruded profiles, injection moulded plastics, digital print and unique lighting systems. The Zund G3 at Ideal is equipped with routing and milling tools as well as oscillating cutting knives. With a bed size of 1.8 x 2.5 metres the digital cutter can work and cut a wide range of materials that are used by the Indian signage industry with very high precision and quality.

The G3 is modular and will allow field upgrades for options such as automated material advancing. The Zund G3 series will take on all the Zund tools and is robustly built for industrial productivity.

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