TechNova Imaging Systems debuts ECRM Nautilus

TechNova Imaging Systems, the Indian alliance partner of the US-based ECRM Imaging systems opened its account in the country with deals from Delhi-based pre-press bureau, Samaira Processing House and also installed a similar system at Madysin Design, Delhi

Samaira becomes the first Indian customer for the ECRM Nautilus 8.

Abhishek Sahni, the owner of Samaira Processing House, said, “We are always keen on new technology. We starECRMted our operations in June. Nowadays, violet is in demand and most of our customers want those plates.”

Sahni is the second-generation representative of the business, which is backed by his family, who are already involved in printing business, with a printing facility in Bawana Industrial Area. Samaira serves around 50 customers from book publishing, commercial and packaging printing, especially from Rai, Kundli and Bawana industrial areas.

Established in June, Samaira fires more than 200 plates per day. Sahni said the family-owned business would expand either in pre-press or printing facility in future. The current facility is spread in a 300 square yards area. Six people work for Samaira.

While Abhishek Sahni, a trained commercial pilot from the US, is getting the hang of the family business, Mandeep Singh, one of the proprietors of Madysin, has just started the operations of the pre-press facility in September, and is already firing around 150 plates per day. Singh spent many years in creative agencies and his last job was as a creative director in one of the reputed agencies in Delhi.

Singh said, “Growth is a natural progression, and our entry into pre-press is a part of it. I have spent many years designing in many creative agencies. I was also in touch with a few pre-press houses. Then, I have decided to open a pre-press house. Designing is my strength and my partner Gurdeep is strong on the CTP front. So, we are a perfect combination for a successful pre-press house.”

Being a designer, Singh has established a well-equipped in-house design studio as well.
Singh said, “We want to upgrade customers from PS and CTCP plates to completely digital plates.”

Sanjay Jain, General Manager, Plates, Chemicals & Equipment, TechNova  states, “We are extremely pleased to see the momentum of violet going stronger in this region and our customers have started realizing the values of violet technology benefits in the long term. By the time the story gets into press we would be reaching two digit number of installations of this device.”

Puranjit Sarangi, National Sales Manager, Digital Imaging Solutions, TechNova said, “ECRM’s Nautilus, the latest offering in TechNova’s Violet CtP portfolio, will soon be rebranded as VioStar N8. Its optical technology produces the smallest and hardest dot on the plate. ECRM’s patent-pending plate loading and registration system allows for support of a wide range of plate sizes, with resolutions ranging from 1200 dpi to 2540 dpi. The standard unit has production speeds of over 18 Speedmaster 102 size plates per hour at 2400dpi. Its violet laser technology supports traditional, low-chem, and chemistry-free violet plate technologies, including TechNova’s own VioGreen plates. The simple and intuitive operator interface makes training easy for everyone.”

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