Significant Presence of Chinese Companies @ PAMEX ‘15

cccc1Among the big showcases from a host of overseas companies are some prominent Chinese machine manufacturers showing offset presses, bending machines, box-making machines, paper-cutting machines and others. Show Daily captures a few among them.

Dongguan Hongming Machinery: Manufacturer of automatic rigid boxes, Dongguan Hongming Machinery showcases its line of HM-ZD machines, which are suitably engineered to make various designs and sizes of boxes for shoes, mobiles, jewelleries, wines, etc. HM ZD line of machines can trim sloped boxes, slip case boxes and clampshell boxes. The machines are available in fully automatic and semi-automatic versions.

cc2Anco Development: Fully automated bending, notching, lipping and straight-cut machine manufactured by Anco Development saves both labour and time. ADL-B14 is the company’s most acclaimed model featured with 0.45 thick blade positioned at maximum bending angle of 110o and
+/- 0.03 mm feeding accuracy. The machine performs six functions individually or simultaneously, capable to clean cut on the first end and tail end ensuring the docking.

Zhejiang RuianDapeng Printing Machinery Factory: Known for its widely acclaimed paper cutting machines, Zhejiang RuianDapen Printing Machinery Factory presents a complete portfolio, which includes touch screen system paper cutting machine, programme control system, microcomputer system paper cutting machine, digital display system paper cutting machine. SQZK, QZYK, QZK, JP, LT and LG are some of their popular models.

cc3Jiangxi Zhongjing Group: A multi-colour offset manufacturer, Jiangxi Zhongjing Group boasts of its leading manufacturing position over the last 50 years and the company is now making its presence felt in a big way in the ongoing PAMEX ’ 15. The company’s popular multi-colour offset presses include JD 4000, 2000 Series and PZ 1000 Series. The company is now spreading its footprints in the overseas arena.

Zhejiang Saili Machinery: Popularly known for creating core technology of grooving machines, Zhejiang Saili Machinery boasts of its line of package craft solution and gift box binding machines under the brand Saili, available in KLZ Series, SLG Series, SLC Series, among others. KLZ-900 is mainly used for making V and U type groove on ash cardboard, copperplate papers, glossy papers, mounted cardboards and MDF materials.

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