Show Update- PAMEX 2020


The Fourth Phase of the Print Odyssey takes off on 17 December 2019 traversing the State of Maharashtra over the next 8 days.

The travelling team will be headed by Prof. Kamal Chopra, Chairman PAMEX2020 and Mr. BalasahebAmbekar, Co-Chairman of PAMEX 2020. The Team will cover more than 20 different locations in the state during the week-long tour.

The Odyssey will begin in Baramati and cover major printing destinations in the state such as Solapur, Nanded, Akola, Malegaon & Ahmadnagar among various other big and small towns before calumniating at  Pune on 24th December 2019.

The Team is expecting to meet more than 1000 printers across the various stops.

Print Odyssey was conceptualised to promote PAMEX 2020 among the printers at the grass roots level. Additionally, All India Federation of Master Printers (AIFMP) get first-hand feedback from the printers on the issues they are facing in running their presses. Many such issues have been addressed in the earlier phases of Print Odyssey. From the disposal of Plastics in Kerala to the high electricity prices in Andhra Pradesh, AIFMP is doing all it can to help the printers.

“We are very excited to visit the printers in Maharashtra and speak directly to them about the issues they are facing. Print Odyssey provides a good platform to the Printers to voice their concerns. It is also a huge opportunity for the printers to gain knowledge which may not be easily available to them.” Said Prof. Chopra.


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