Semi-Automatic Label Print-and-Apply System for Bottles

weberWeber Packaging Solutions has created the Model 141-P, a semi-automatic label applicator for applying pressure-sensitive labels to cylindrical products; combined with Epson’s C7500 color ink jet printer, it allows a customer to print razor sharp high-resolution labels and apply them to products via a loose-loop configuration.

Users only print the number of labels needed, making this ideal for small batch custom labeling for craft beer breweries, wineries, spirit distillers and other manufacturers that have round straight-walled products.

Once set up, the user simply inserts the round container into the 141-P and initiates the labeling via a manual or foot-operated switch. As the products spins, the label is wrapped around it providing uniform, consistent and accurate labeling.

Features include:

  • Segmented rollers for labeling products with protruding edges
  • Short batch set-up times
  • Multiple label dispensing per product allowing front and back labeling
  • Labels up to 30 products/min.
  • Low cost desktop labeling solution
  • Labels products up to 6.1 in. (155 mm) in diameter.

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