Ricoh to showcase the entire range of its products @PAMEX

Ricoh India is participating at PAMEX 2015 in a big way and is also sponsoring the NAEP Awards. Sambit Mishra, chief operating officer – PP at Ricoh India Ltd, tells more about their participation at PAMEX 2015.

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Sambit Mishra and Manoj Kumar
Sambit Mishra and Manoj Kumar, executive vice president & chief executive officer, Ricoh

Q: What would be the highlight of your participation at PAMEX?
Sambit : The highlight of our participation at PAMEX will be to showcase the entire range of products we bring to the Indian market. Especially the new Pro C 9100 series and Pro C 7100x the new white and clear toner. The newly launched Ricoh Latex printers and our world famous Gel Jet based wide format printing solution.

Q: Would there be different application zones in the showcase – just like you have been doing in the past? If yes, please give details?
Sambit : Yes, we will continue to showcase our different application zones, especially for continuous feed printing where we will be showcasing Print on Demand books, and also the new applications around question paper printing, bill printing, etc. The other application zone will have Latex printing applications especially showcasing the versatility and print quality generated by Ricoh’s Latex printing technology.

Q: Also, what about finishing operations? Will you be showcasing a complete end-to-end solution? If yes, please furnish details.
Sambit : Finishing options are definitely important for our continuous feed solutions but it’s very difficult to deploy such high end solutions in small time frame. Additionally the options are too many and different for each application, hence we will not be displaying the finishing options.

Q: How much display area you have opted for in PAMEX?
Sambit : We have taken about 234 square meters in the show and that should be sufficient for displaying all the products we are displaying at the show.

Q: We understand that you have good amount of branding during the event and can you update us on that?
Sambit : As you are aware Ricoh and PAMEX have been working together for the past several years on the trade show and hence PAMEX gives us the preference to choose the branding options. We have identified key display areas which have the highest visibility and footfall. We have taken several options which are during the approach to the show and then right at the entrance point of the show. We have also taken several buntings inside the main hall and several other options. Most importantly we have also booked the VIP Lounge which will be a Ricoh Branded Lounge.

Q: What kind of awareness programme are you considering for printers from offset category?
Sambit : There are several demo sessions planned during the show and some of them are for existing digital customers and some for the offset and packaging printing setups. We will be talking about the profitability of having a complimentary digital setup and kinds of applications best suited for offset.

Q: How do you rate PAMEX as a printing event, as this is being organised by printers themselves – and what has been your experience in the past?
Sambit : PAMEX has been in India for as long as I can remember, the first one I had participated was in 2002/3 and I was working with Xerox then. The DC 6060 engine was launched by Xerox at that time. PAMEX has definitely grown since that time and now features among the top three printing events in the country.

Q: We also heard that you will be associating with AIFMP’s National Awards for Excellence in Printing – could you please update on this?
Sambit : AIFMP and Ricoh have been tied in together for the last several years to present the National Awards for Excellence in Printing (NAEP). This is the most prestigious printing award within the country and definitely also the most sought after award in the industry. Over a period of time these awards have adorned the ‘halls of fame’ of many printing organisations which bring out the best in printing technology. With Ricoh being the main sponsor of the event we have always positioned ourselves as an organisation which encourages innovation and creativity in printing technology. We have also worked with AIFMP to slowly include newer categories of printing including digital printing as an integral part of the awards.

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