RICOH Sold 27 Units to Customers From All Over India During PAMEX ’15

There is a big reason behind all buzzes and the crowd around RICOH India’ stall right from the day one of PAMEX’15; the company sold 27 units! Of course, 27 units to customers across the country during the expo! It can be segregated region-wise as: Three units in the East (two colour mid-production machines, one 5100); Five units in the North (two 8100 monochrome machines, one 9110s, one 5100s, one high-production colour 9100); Seventeen units in the South (sixteen 8100 monochrome machines, one colour 5100s); and Two units in West (one five-colour 7100x, one colour 9110s). The collectively total of the deal worth Rs 7.5 crore! This is indeed one of the milestones RICOH India has ever made in a trade expo. Ricoh

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