Proteck Machineries Marks 33 Installations Of XC-116/137 Machines

Chennai-based Proteck Machineries has notched a remarkable year in term of sales and strategy with the company recording a total of 33 installations of their indigenous paper cutting machines XC-116/137 alone.

“We have clearly surprised ourselves to begin with (from an initial single digit target) and the success with our cutting machines galvanised the entire team to look ahead for a much more prospective year ahead” said Kartik Iyer, Director, Proteck.

The company also recently announced its paper cutting system which includes the guillotine, jogger and pile lifter along with a series of new sizes including 95/158/165 along with the existing 116/137.

“When we launched the current series of cutting machines (XC-116/137) in early 2012 we considerably increased the pricing of the machine keeping in mind that quality of the product needs to supersede the mind numbing price war and it surely paid off especially with the larger 137 preferred,” he added.

The company’s current and future strategy is to cater to the wider gamut of post press equipment which covers both the offset and digital printing space and our cutting machine along with its partnership with Horizon for a range of post press equipment includes collators, folding machines, booklet makers, perfect binding machines. “The market feedback for the Horizon machines has been extremely positive with more than 30 installations of its various product achieved this year,” Iyer further stated.

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