Profit-making Packaging Through Automation


Pune-based Swiss company BOBST (Hall 1, Stall J-50, PAMEX ‘15) organised a three-day ‘open house’ entitled Competence ’15 to showcase some path breaking technologies in converting process within Folding Carton segment. ‘Profit-Making Packaging through Automation’ was the theme for the event.

The machines showcased at the extravagant event included the Novacut 106 ER, Expertfold 80 A2, Accucheck, Handypack and the all new Lila II 145 A2 folder-gluer.

The theme of the event conveyed the underlying message that in today’s competitive business automation in production process will be the key to be more cost effective, minimise dependence on labour, minimise wastage and thus be more operationally efficient.

The Novacut 106 ER is a solution for in-line blank separation at a very cost effective way. It is an easy to operate machine and the operator can handle all operations from the outside. The edge waste is stripped off by the machine, leaving a final finished product that is delivered on a conveyor. This system lets the operator insert a new pallet of work into a flat bed die-cutter, or remove a pile of finished product, without the need to interrupt production. The machine is equipped with the latest generation of CUBE, BOBST’s operator-machine interface that features the revolutionary ‘Touch & Set’ navigation which makes even the most complex settings completely intuitive, saving valuable time. The machine handles up to 7,000 sheets per hour.

The BOBST Accucheck unit delivers the capability to inline quality check 100 percent of its folding carton production. The machine was placed inline with the Expertfold 80 A2 and Handypack. Accucheck checks each carton for issues such as printing defects, oil or water marks, ink splashes, carton damage or scratches, bad cut quality, or colour variation, and prevents any cartons with such defects from reaching the packing line.

The Lila II 145 A2 is a folder-gluer machine used for folding packaging material. It also has easy access for operation. The folder is five metres long, which results in a smooth and natural folding. As per Upendra Deglurkar, President – Bobst India, “This is our proud product fully developed in India.”

Live demonstrations were given to attendees, which made them understand the functioning of the machines better. “Innovation is the market need and that is what we focus at,” added Subhasis Roy, Business Director, Bobst India.

Abhijeet Kolhatkar, Sales Manager, Provin Technos Pvt Ltd, an exhibitor at the event, said, “We work with BOBST machines and understand that their machines are worthy of the price they command.” While Abhijeet expected to get many enquiries for their products at the event, he also shared his thoughts about the ‘Make in India’ call given by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. “Demand is increasing and although accessory manufacturing is being done in India, we still have a long way to go” he clarified.

While, Mukesh Nautiyal, Business Head of Nanpao, a resin company, another exhibitor at the event, highlighted the need to produce machinery in India. “Unless we begin manufacturing in India we will be in a position to increase exports,” he said. “The intervention of the government in offering sops (standard operating procedures) to the industry is crucial to its growth,” he pointed out.

“This Open House was organised to invite our discerning customers to our factory to showcase what BOBST is doing in India and also to demonstrate the efficacy of these technologies on display,” added Subhasis Roy.

BOBST is the world’s leading supplier of machinery and services to packaging manufacturers in the folding carton, corrugated board and flexible material industries. Founded in 1890 by Joseph Bobst in Lausanne, Switzerland, the company has its presence in more than 50 countries, runs 11 production facilities in eight countries and employs over 5,000 people around the world. Its India facility is based out of Pune.

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