“PAMEX is a trendsetter in India”

aifmpa-LOGO Says Shyamal Chandra Basu, president, AIFMP as a message to all visitors to the upcoming PAMEX 2015 in Mumbai.

The new body for AIFMP 2015-16 has been elected and Shyamal Chandra Basu is the new president. In a brief chat with our team, he shares his views on the printing industry and the upcoming PAMEX. Excerpts.

Congratulations on being the AIFMP president. As the president of AIFMP, what would be your key focus areas?

Basu:Thanks from core of our heart from Team AIFMP 2015-16. Today, root of our entire problem is shortage of job, which causes unhealthy competition among us. Our team’s main focus will be Export Promotion as well as reduction of imported printing materials. There is a huge scope of printing job from abroad. Our printer friends are now well equipped with modern technology, machinery and equipments. It is a continuous process, I am sure our Team will do needful so that in near future Indian printer will do big business in abroad. Our honourable prime minister dream “Make in India” will be fulfilled.

What is the future of the printing industry in general and Indian printing industry in particular?

Basu: Though there is a threat to printing industry due to online channels like e-mail, Facebook, e-book, etc, but print industry has sustained despite all odds. Considering day to day increasing literate people in India and per capita consumption of paper, in India, the demand of printing will increase for coming five to seven years. I can say in near future printing industry will grow in good ratio in India.

Shyamal Chandra Basu
Shyamal Chandra Basu

What according to you are the strengths and weaknesses of the Indian printing industry?

Basu: In my view, the most positive sign in our industry is more educated young generation joining the printing industry. They are very much capable of adopting the modern technology. While, the shortage of technically skilled manpower is the most disadvantage for adopting new technology. Previously experienced people were running the unit. Nowadays educated technically competent persons are a must behind the machines and equipments.
AIFMP has to take a vital role for developing educated, technically sound workforce for our printing industry. Our team also has some positive proposal throughout India. We will place our proposal in forthcoming GC meeting in Mumbai as it is also a continuous process of work.

The industry is looking up at PAMEX in Mumbai. What are your views on the upcoming PAMEX and how important is it for the industry?

Basu: PAMEX is the trendsetter in India as like drupa on international level.
This time, PAMEX will be biggest in terms of number of national and international exhibitors, sq m booking (live demo of modern machineries, equipments and consumable) and most important aspect for any exhibition footfall from length and breadth of India. PAMEX Core Committee and co- organiser have given their utmost effort for success of PAMEX 2015. We are trying visitor promotion in every part of India through our 70 affiliates & core committee.

Any message for our readers….

Basu: Please come with written enquiry in PAMEX as you will get all sorts of answers in every field of printing industry. I have a suggestion please make some time for other fields also as you may get some additional benefits to your customer, excluding your existing field of action.

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