PAMEX 2024: aplenty and for all

Tushar Dhote, Chairperson of AIFMP’s PAMEX 2024, talks about the upcoming trade show edition that is ready in the shortest time ever after the earlier edition.

Can you share some insights into the preparations for PAMEX 2024?

PAMEX 2024 will be hosted precisely ten months and five days from today, Coming within a year of the 2023 edition has given a continuity to the to the marketing campaign for the upcoming event. About sixty percent of the space was sold on the final day of the last show itself with all of the larger exhibitors returning with bigger areas. Several exhibitors who are participating in drupa latter next year are planning to use Pamex as a curtain raiser for the international event.  Messe Dusseldorf will also have a booth where it will disseminate information about Drupa 2024.

A larger visitor turnout is foretold as the online visitor registrations are happening at a brisk pace. Several prospective visitors who had missed the last event due to financial year closing are expected to add to the footfalls. This is a tremendous success with which PAMEX 2024 started.

What new features or highlights can attendees expect at PAMEX 2024?

PAMEX 2024 theme is Convergence in Print’; we have added Textile and Signage Pavilion. We believe in offering 360-degree exposure to the PAMEX-attending printer. Time and technology are rapidly changing, and print companies must have alternative options to diversify.

The showstopper this time will be the Innovation Pavilion, which will showcase futuristic forms of print technologies. These will form a part of our daily lives in the coming years, including 3D printing, artificial intelligence, flexible electronics, security printing, 3D wallpapers, and more value-added processes.

Moreover, this edition will highlight knowledge seminars by industry experts in the form of Mast Classes in the Pavilion Theatre. These sessions will need prior booking. I struck gold with this idea inspired by DRUPA Cube—an Innovation and knowledge-sharing platform at the global trade show. I genuinely hope the knowledge seminars will inspire young printers to explore opportunities and avenues with startups in our industry.

How has PAMEX evolved over the years, and what sets it apart from other trade shows in the print and packaging industry?

PAMEX has evolved over the years since it came to Mumbai in 2015. The early roadshows organised in western and southern India to bring people to the Trade Show were innovative in those days. We have always tried to add value to the printers and exhibitors by continually enhancing the show layout and workflow of the process—from the intent of participation by signing the dotted lines to the on-site experience. We have always been very contemporary for each edition of PAMEX; it has always helped the exhibition stand out from the rest.

I firmly believe, we must strive to be distinct as we grow. We cannot be satisfied with the monotony, even if it has proven to deliver the best in the past. Moreover, I have an excellent partner in They do not compromise on the quality of the show. Anil is always ready to take risks to innovate. Fortunately, it has succeeded, and we have grown twice since 2015.

What steps are being taken to encourage participation from domestic and international exhibitors and visitors at PAMEX 2024?

We have used different marketing channels— social media, industry publications, Pamex Newsletters, email campaigns, press releases, and support from relevant Associations—to create awareness and promote PAMEX 2024. We have also collaborated with international trade associations and embassies to attract exhibitors and visitors from other countries.

We have offered incentives or special packages for exhibitors and visitors, such as early registration discounts or travel grants. These incentives have attracted domestic and international participants, especially if they provide added value.

PAMEX 2024 provides networking opportunities before, during, and after the event through matchmaking programmes, business matchmaking sessions, and networking events designed to connect exhibitors and visitors from different countries through the PAMEX Web Portal.

PAMEX 2024 will have dedicated pavilions or zones for exhibitors, for example, commercial, textile and signage, labels and flexible packaging, and post-press operation in rigid and corrugation. These dedicated zones ensure visibility and encourage the participation of exhibitors, especially foreign exhibitors, to showcase their products and services.

How does PAMEX contribute to the growth and development of India’s print and packaging industry?

PAMEX plays a critical role in the growth and development of India’s print and packaging industry.

  • PAMEX provides an India-focused international platform for industry players to showcase the latest and most advanced printing and packaging technologies. It opens access to cutting-edge technology for our print and packaging businesses.
  • It brings industry experts, professionals, and stakeholders under one roof, creating extraordinary opportunities for knowledge sharing and business networking.
  • The Show provides a marketplace where businesses meet potential buyers, investors, and partners. The exhibition hosts a large number of domestic and international visitors, giving Indian companies the chance to expand their reach and explore new business opportunities beyond India.
  • The Exhibition encourages innovation and competitiveness within the industry. This, in turn, drives Indian companies to adopt better technologies, improve their productivity, and enhance the quality of products and services.
  • It also catalyses skill development and talent acquisition by organising training programmes, workshops, and demonstrations.

In your opinion, why should professionals in the print and packaging industry attend PAMEX 2024?

PAMEX showcases everything from print equipment, technology, and consumables to software technology. Having nearly all the print processes under its roof, PAMEX is always a one-stop solution for the industry’s needs. Attending PAMEX 2024 offers print and packaging professionals many opportunities to network, learn, and grow.

*Credit : Print Bulletin

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