PackMates Packaging Invests In Soma’s Lamiflex E

Soma’s Lamiflex E

Pack Mates Packaging, a flexible packaging company from Hyderabad, has ordered India’s first Lamiflex E solvent-less laminator from Soma’s Lamiflex ESoma Engineering. The press was supplied by Insight Communication, who represents Soma in India.

Pack Mates Packaging caters to several FMCG companies in India and exports printing laminates to Gulf, European and African countries.

“I evaluated all offerings and technologies including market leaders and local Indian lamination machine. However we found that the Soma’s Lamiflex E has much superior features like three roller laminations, sleeve system for quick job change, semi wash for quick roll clean after laminations, inbuilt cooling roller, good tension control with four-point dancer rollers, integrated fume exhaust system and superior metallurgy. In addition, Soma and Insight were responsive to our queries and their confidence further inclined us in favor of Lamiflex,” said Ravi Mallepalli, Director, Pack Mates Packaging.

“Installation of Lamiflex E is just a beginning. Soma intends to bring the latest technology to its Indian customers as India is a progressively growing market with increasing stress on quality and efficiency. The CI flexo technology gives the companies the opportunity to process very large range of materials with excellent sharpness of screen,” stated Patrik Vejrek from Soma Engineering.

Bhupendra Srivastava, Director – Packaging Division, Insight Communications, added, “I am glad to install the first Lamiflex E in India and I am confident that post this installation, many more orders will follow as Lamiflex E really offers some real great value at a good price. It will open the gate for more Soma products once the customers see how the Lamiflex E machine performs.”

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