MMS Honours Arun Mehta with Lifetime Acievement Award

The father-son duo Arun & Bimal Mehta was awarded by the Mumbai Mudrak Sangh.

0_0_220_http--- Mehta recieved Lifetime Achievement Award from Kumar Ketkar, a veteran journalist at its annual Printer’s Day celebration that was held on a memorable evening of 7th April, 2016 at Garware Club House, Mumbai.

Tushar Dhote, President of Mumbai Mudrak Sangh (MMS), said, “The two gentlemen have been the industry outliers and have mastered the skill of moving with times. Their vision and business acumen have led the family business to achieve extraordinary heights and they deserve the award.”

IMG_1636Mona Doctor, daughter of late I M Doctor and Ramesh Kejriwal shared anecdotes about Arun Mehta as a ‘dear uncle’ and colleague, respectively.

Arun Mehta, in his speech, was personified and took down a walk down memory lane and spoke about the history of print in Mumbai and the importance of technology.

Arun Mehta has also served as President, All India Federation of Master Printers (AIFMP) in 1982-83.   He also endeavoured to make technology accessible by organising Pamex in different parts of the country – Bombay (now Mumbai), Banglore (now Bengaluru), and Calcutta (now Kolkatta). In addition, Arun Mehta’s contribution was being the mastermind for the first composite Indian print industry survey.

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