Maxcess Automation @ PAMEX ‘15

Maxcess Automation (P) Ltd. (Hall 1, Stall J-42, PAMEX‘15) helps the web handling industry maximize productivity with convenient access to innovative products and services worldwide. By bringing together the leading brands of WEBEX, FIFE, TIDLAND and MAGPOWR, Maxcess has built an unrivalled network of application experts with more than 200 years combined experience to help customers improve efficiency and production quality anywhere in the world.

From the metal industry to high-speed printing, Maxcess application experts draw upon deep expertise within a range of industries to help you run more efficiently. These include FIFE’s Guiding Solution (Center Guide, Edge Guide and Line Guide System for Metals EPC and CPC Systems, Variety of Actuators); FIFE’s Web Inspection System (VEO 600); TIDLAND’s Winding Solution (Global Air Shafts such as Ergonomic Shafts, Core Shafts, Differential Air Shafts, Mill Duty Shafts, Narrow Web Shafts, Lung Shaft, Leaf Shaft, Pneumatic Brakes, Safety Chucks, Core Chucks); TIDLAND’s Slitting Solution (Automatic Slitting Systems, Manual Slitting Systems, E Knifeholder, Slitting Upgrades, Roll Savers); MAGPOWR’s Tension Controllers Solution (Load Cells, Air Brakes, Magnetic Particle Brakes, Tension Readouts Pneumatic Brakes, Permanent Magnet Clutches, Torque Controllers); and WEBEX’s Specialize Rolls (Heat Transfer Rolls, Vacuum Rolls, Bowed Rolls, Grooved Rubber Spreader Rolls, Flexo Press Rolls, Paper Mill Rolls), etc.


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