MagnaColours Launches New Discharge Range

MagnaColours Ltd, a supplier of water-based textile inks, has released a new range of formaldehyde-free discharge bases. In a Magna patented concept, they have developed a formaldehyde-free method of discharge printing, whilst promoting wash-durability, a key requirement for brands.

As a company that exclusively provides water-based, environmentally sustainable alternatives for the textile screen-printing industry, this marks another triumph for screen printers and brands alike. The range creates bold, bright and beautiful discharge effects, using a formaldehyde-free method, with no compromise on quality, nor does the garment need to be washed after curing.

“There was a demand from manufacturers to effectively print onto dark materials using discharge techniques, without having to use formaldehyde products,” said Tom Abbey, Magna Colours Managing Director. “As the leading producer of water-based inks, this was something we were perfectly placed to do. It was a long standing idea in the industry that water-based inks could not achieve the same results as those containing formaldehyde, but we’ve provided an outstanding solution, once again.”

While wanting to eliminate the use of formaldehyde, another key requirement was wash durability to prevent fading. To meet the toughest demand, Magna developed MagnaPrint Discharge Fastness Enhancer. They have provide a solution to an industry problem, helping brands to provide safe, environmentally friendly, durable, high quality products for their customers.

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