Look Beyond the Box !!

Look Beyond the Box was organized by Institute of Packaging Machinery Manufacturers of India (IPMMI),  Indian Flexible Packaging & Folding Carton Manufacturers Association (IFCA) and Welboud at Mumbai’s Chembur Gymkhana on 3rd may, 2016. Around 90 people attended this ‘Smartly Informal’ seminar.
IMG_2091The speakers included Suprotik Das, Managing Director, Nordson India, who spoke about how important it is to intoduce new approaches in business and  “Make in India”. He concluded with how one can drive long term cost efficiency.

IMG_2093Kim Tagesen, Packaging Head at IMEA, Henkel, flew all the way from Dubai to enlight the attendees about the global trends in end line of packaging, present case studies along with a ‘crash course’ on all that one wants to know of hotmelts in packaging.

IMG_2095Manish Patel, Managing Director, The South India Paper Mills Ltd, presented some  interesting facts about the corrugated industry and spoke about the essential features a box and the equipment must have in terms of run ability and strength.

IMG_2116P Sajith, Director of Weldbound Worldwide, presented a case of tape vs glue. He showed videos of how the modern process of hot glue sealing keeps the product protected from damages and pilferage. He shared pictures of how the cartons containing products are mishandled while transportation.

The event ended with a highly interactive Q & A round, where the expert clarified the doubts raised by the manufacturers pertaining costing, feasibility and difference between taping and gluing.






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