Kumar Labels Merges With Delta Group, To Set Up Label Printing Plant In UAE

Noida-based Kumar Labels has announced major expansion plans in the UAE by setting up a printing plant. For this, Kumar Labels has entered into a joint venture (JV) with Delta Group from UAE.

“World over, we are witnessing consolidation. Today, Indian firms are looking to expand their business in countries which have huge potential. This JV will help Kumar labels to cater to the international market and become the full flexography solutions provider,” said Anuj Bhargava, Chief Executive Officer, Kumar Labels.

Kumar Labels, who specialise in label manufacturing, was established in June 2007 by Anuj Bhargava with the objective of “becoming a label provider that would not only offer consistent quality, but also quick delivery at reasonable prices.”

“Being a printer we often faced the challenge to keep our operations flexible, cost effective and yet standardised to achieve consistent quality with minimum work-force. While flat-bed die machines offer a good solution for short to medium runs due to low investment in cutting dies, they require skilled operators and long set-up time. Further, tight screening of cutting quality is required to ensure no deep cutting occurs. Achieving higher speeds is also a challenge. In a quest to resolve all these issues, we moved into manufacturing,” he added.

The new version can now output 220 impressions per minute against 180-200 impression of the beta version. “Besides, the beta version created a lot of noise when it was run at high speed. This made is comparably silent even at high speed,” Bhargava further stated.

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