ITC Install Ecosystem 120

ITC’s Printing and Packaging Division near Chennai has recently installed an Ecosystem 120 solvent-less modulo dry machine world’s fastest laminator with a mechnical speed of 125 metres per minute from Ecosystem Costruzioni of Italy. The machine can do both solventless (PUR) and thermal lamination with the same machine with a minimum change over time.

ITCThe Ecoystem Costruzioni laminator having maximum working width of 120cm X 165cm is equipped with a non-stop stacker and non-stop feeder for continuous production. It has one of the most efficient cleaning systems of anti-spray powder ever on a solventless machine with a dampening group made up of four rollers with thermoregulated water circulation. This allows for very high quality production with minimum adhesive permitting the execution of work not possible with the traditional solvent-less machines.

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