ISRA Vision Presents A Concept Beyond Inspection

ISRA VISION introduced its quality and process management solutions – one platform for all tasks for surface and printing inspection at PackPlus 2012. For producers of web products it is easier if one can find a solution provider with complete industry know-how. The company, therefore, presented a complete product portfolio with modern quality and process management solutions for surface and printing inspection applications. It is suited for printed or unprinted material and includes a complete data and process management system.

ISRA VISION Technology

SMASH surface inspection systems are used in all process steps.  For example, they securely detect problems with substrates during extrusion or with coatings. The producer can quickly react to problems as they occur before valuable material is wasted. Plastic films can be examined for defects such as holes, stains or vulnerabilities which affect their permeability. In order to achieve the highest level of quality, paper, film or metal is inspected during the coating and painting process for all typical defects. The defects are reliably detected, classified as well as documented, and a protocol is created with defect statistics, roller notes and defect images.

PrintSTAR, the intelligent inspection solution for roll-to-roll packaging converters, is used as an insurance to improve product quality and to reduce production costs. With any number of cameras – it can run at high speed, while still using the golden master inspection on the complete web. It includes ColorWATCH to enable the operator to verify that color does not vary during a run, PrintTRACK to provide repeat to repeat measurement and to monitor press and material metrics, QuickPROOF, a proofing system that guarantees print production matches the customer order and MultiVIEW for verification of integrity of added value processes.

RewindManager is a technology that can be used to extend SMASH or PrintSTAR systems to automate the removal of waste in the Finishing Department. The challenge is then to take the roll with defects and to make sure that they are not shipped to a customer.

The manufacturers benefit from ISRA’s complete solutions through increased quality and sustainability from inspection and process optimization along their entire production chain.




















Picture 1: Reliable recognition of defects using in-line inspection technology to optimize process when manufacturing plastic film.






















Picture 2: Be on the winning side: Accurate 100% print inspection with PrintSTAR assures a better yield and a higher customer acceptance

















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