Hi-Tech Printing Services Sets Up A New Printing Facility

Mazgaon-based Hi-Tech Printing Services in Mumbai, has set up an additional printing facility at Navi Mumbai. The facility is spread across 12,000sq/ft area, which is dedicated for packaging inserts and outserts for pharmaceutical clients.

Apart from two existing printing machines, this unit houses their Heidelberg SM 102, a two-colour perfector to cater to its large sheet perfecting requirement. For folding of outserts, the firm has invested in a brand-new G&K Vijuk system, besides several existing GUK folding machines. The new G&K Vijuk outsert system can fold up to sixteen z-folds, which can be carried out in one pass. This machine is equipped with an on-line gluing system and has an water scoring system, which helps in folding of the paper efficiently.SM102

“The new facility is capable of producing inserts and outserts on 28gsm and 40gsm paper. The folding of paper with such low grammages is a difficult task and requires a great amount of skill and high-end equipment,” said Faheem Agboatwala, Director, Hi-Tech Printing Services.

Every single folding machine at the new facility is equipped with a camera based inspection system to ensure there are no defects. “Our strategy with the brand new facility is – doing more dedicated jobs. We will only concentrate on printing and folding of inserts and outserts,” he added.

The unit also houses their first machine a HMT Invicta single-colour machine. “The machine is called our mother machine because we started our business with it and it still efficiently produces 24×7,” Agboatwala further stated.

Hi-Tech Printing Services also plans to invest in more G&K Vijuk outsert systems and start a new printing facility for carton converting at Khopoli, Mumbai-Pune expressway.

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