Grafik Machinery Launches Interdeck UV Curing System

Grafik Machinery Exchange, Delhi-based manufacturer has introduced interdeck UV curing system. The drier can be installed between printing units of a press for curing or instant drying of UV inks. While printing on a non-absorbent surface, normal ink takes a long time to dry and causes smudging. To avoid these problems it is advised to print the substrate by UV curable inks. It plays an important role in curing of UV ink where printing of opaque inks and multi-colour printing is involved.

When special effect abrasive UV coating on the printed surface is required the interdeck UV helps to cure the first UV coat before applying the second coat to get special effect as required. “The main feature of system is that it provides proper cooling to avoid possible damage to the press due to heat. It also helps in calculating proper wattage and helps the distance between paper and lamp for proper curing,” said Vimal Jain, Grafik Machineries.

Print Plus Coat, a coating device for sheet-fed offset machines, has been installed at multiple locations throughout India. The machine enables the press to do aqueous and UV coating (full or spot coating) at a higher speed. “The machines manufactured by us are widely accepted by the printers and packaging units all over India, The main feature of the machine is that the printability of the press remains unchanged even at high speed and gives uniform coating to the printed sheets,” he said.

The coating machine has been recently installed in Haryana, Mumbai, Gauwahati and New Delhi among others.

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