Globe Print n Pack Opted for BOBST NOVACUT Die-cutter, Face Shields in Demand

Globe Print n Pack based in Goregaon & Vasai in Mumbai, Maharashtra, is one of India’s largest manufacturers of clear and promotional packaging. The company was established more than 25 years ago and provides a range of innovative, responsible packaging solutions to all industries.

Their products are made using specialized materials including PET, polypropylene, PVC films and paper and board.

Globe Print n Pack partners with UK-based Bell Packaging which supplies promotional POS and display packaging for FMCG brands.

Recently, Globe opted for a new BOBST die-cutter, NOVACUT 106 E. The company’s owner, Rahul Gupta’s decision was based on the need for quality and precision, rather than trying to save on the initial investment. Existing equipment the company had used before wasn’t capable of finishing a substrate such as plastic.

BOBST NOVACUT has been configured to die-cut plastic thanks to the Hot Plast system and has made the job very easy for Globe Print n Pack . The investment was not a small one but the quantum leap in the quality of products produced sealed the deal.

The company has been producing face shields in collaboration with its team in the UK for use there during the Covid-19 outbreak. As news spread of a shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in India, they stepped up production to supply face shields to the Indian market too. Despite manpower issues, the company is producing more than 20,000 face shields every day which are supplied to medical staff and various frontline workers fighting the COVID-19 cases in India.

The BOBST Hot Plast system enables the die-cutter to hot die-cut plastics using standard wooden cutting dies instead of expensive dedicated tools. The system is able to quickly switch between hot and cold die-cutting as necessary and offers thermal stability, guaranteeing perfect cutting and creasing results on plastics whilst maintaining higher production speeds. This makes the machine very versatile and worth the investment.


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