Canon C700 Enables Delhi’s Satyam to Print 15,000 Sheets Per Month

With Canon C700, Delhi’s Satyam prints 15,000 sheets per month New Delhi-based Satyam Grafix acquired  the new Canon ImagePress C700, since then it has been producing 15,000 sheets per month.

Though Rakesh Bansal, owner of Satyam Grafix, said he finalised on the Canon because it suited the company’s budget, he now cannot stop gushing about the benefits. “The press is fully loaded, equipped with spectrophotometer and decurling facility,” he said, adding, “We looked at other Japanese and American presses, but they were outside our budget range.”

Bansal, a first generation print professional, says with the Canon ImagePress C700, Satyam has increased its production from 12,000 to 15,000 sheets per month.

Canon ImagePress C700 can print on thin, plain, heavy, recycled, colour, bond paper, tab paper, coated, texture paper and vellum at a speed of 70ppm in colour and mono. It can print 60 to 300 gsm paper in a resolution of 2400×2400 dpi. The maximum paper input capacity is 7,650 sheets of A4 size of 80 gsm.

Beside this new investment, the digital print production company has a Konica Minolta 6501 and HP LaserJet 2300, among other digital equipment.

Satyam prints everything from catalogues, brochures, magazines, books, to carry bags, posters, maps, calendars, boxes, menu cards, booklets, diaries, certificates, identity cards, invitation cards, manuals, visiting cards and dockets.

It started out as a photocopy facility more than 20 years ago, before branching out into a digital print production facility. Next in the agenda is a web-to-print venture.

“We are developing our website as part of our expansion plan. We feel IT and logistics are the keys to web-to-print module and we are focusing on both,” Bansal explained. “We are not going to receive many orders via the web initially and that’s how we want it. We want to venture out slowly.”

Also on the cards is investment in post-press equipment. “Our priority is the final product, which should be perfect. For this, we should have all the necessary equipment,” he added.

The company, which is growing 10% annually, owns a 400 sq/ft shopfloor area.

Canon has installed more than 100 digital production printers of C800/C700/C600 series in India.

Bansal: “After the installation, our production has increased from 12,000 to 15,000 sheets per month”


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