Art O Print To Install Asia’s First Bobst Masterfold Folder Gluer

Bobst announces the sale of Asia’s first Masterfold folder gluer to Ahmedabad-based Art O Print, which specialises in export oriented pharmaceutical packaging.

The Accucheck and Speedwave devices of Masterfold, is the first of its kind in Asia. The folder gluer automation features enable quicker set up times with minimum wastage. The machine is capable of adjusting the frame automatically even with 4 and 6 corner module cartons. The Speedwave attachment of Masterfold offers folding and gluing of lock bottom type of cartons at much higher speeds than conventional folder gluers.Bobst Masterfold

“In pharmaceutical packaging, stringent quality control is important especially for the export jobs. With Masterfold, we enhance our capacity and can produce quality jobs at higher speeds,” said Jaimin Patel, Director, Art O Print.  “As opposed to manually inspected 30,000 boxes in one hour, the Masterfold’s Accucheck enables us to inspect one lakh boxes per hour,” he added.

“We already have Bobst’s Fuego which throughputs 25,000 to 30,000 cartons per hour. The Speedwave device will help us improve this over 60,000 cartons per hour,” Patel further stated.

The Masterfold, which offers operating speed of 550 m/min is provided with Accubraille feature for inline Braille embossing. The machine is expected to be operational at the Art O Print’s Changodhar plant in Ahmedabad by May 2013.


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