Ardagh Launches 3D Design Studio For its Customers

Ardagh’s  latest innovation is a free design service that enables its customers to convert 2D artwork into 3D models, is streamlining a process that can often cause inconvenient and costly delays when developing new packaging designs or making modifications to existing packaging.

Ardagh’s new online 3D Studio service is user friendly and free of charge for Ardagh customers. Without having to invest in additional 3D design software, design or packaging development departments can download a 3D model including their artwork from the 3D studio within a matter of minutes. Ardagh’s main product portfolio has been made available in the 3D library and new formats are added continuously.

The ability to visualise artwork in the form of a 3D model at the very early stage of the packaging development will facilitate discussions with marketing and production colleagues, resulting in a much swifter decision making process.

“Delays at the early stage of any new development can be avoided by various departments having access to a 3D visualisation of shape, shelf appeal or functionality of a design”, explains Martin de Olde, Marketing Manager Metal Europe at Ardagh’s Food & Speciality division.

He adds: “With Ardagh’s 3D Studio you can access 24/7 and in real-time as many versions of a design as you want at the touch of a button. This represents a very powerful tool in anydiscussion with colleagues and markets, with potentially significant savings on launch timelines.”

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