AIFMP announces International Outreach Program in Nepal

With less 6 months to go, the marketing campaign for Pamex 2020 is going on in full swing. A Print Yatra is being finalized to promote the event domestically. This yatra will cover several states in the country especially in the tier 2 and 3 towns with an objective is to understand the printers’ needs and also to promote Pamex 2020.

For Pamex 2020, AIFMP has decided to conduct an International Outreach programme. With the help of the relevant associations, AIFMP is planning to hold a one-day conference and a table-top exhibition in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal to promote Pamex 2020.  “With International Media Week being a huge success, we thought this time, it would be best to visit our neighbouring countries and make our presence known there.” said Prof. Kamal Chopra, Chairman of Pamex.

“This programme gives a chance to market Pamex 2020 directly to the printers in our neighbouring countries. It also provides an opportunity to our exhibitors to showcase their brands in the table-top exhibition.” added Anil Arora of (P) Ltd- the event partners for Pamex 2020.

The Pamex team headed by Ravindra Joshi, President, AIFMP; Kamal Chopra, Past President & Chairman, Pamex and Anil Arora, representing the Event Manager visited Kathmandu recently on a 3-day tour to finalise the regional cooperation for effective promotion of Pamex at Nepal. They were received and felicitated by the team of Federation of Nepal Printers Association (FNPA) consisting of Mr. Pushkl Gautam, President, Mr. Madhav K C, IPP and other team member of FNPA.

FNPA is the premier umbrella association of all the regional printing associations in Nepal. It had organised a gathering of its members from all over the country at Sukute Beach Resort, 75 Km from Kathmandu where the team headed directly from the Airport to be part of the General Body meeting of FNPA.

Mr. Raveendra Joshi, President AIFMP addressed the gathering of over 80 printers and briefed them about the activities of AIFMP with an emphasis on Pamex. Chopra’s presentation on Print Education and Future Printing with practical tips for the Nepalese printers was very well received by the audience.

Nepal Printers’ Association is the oldest association for the Industry and has most of the prominent printers of Nepal as its members. The association office bearers met the Indian delegation on 22 June, 2019 and arranged a program to facilitate the President, AIFMP and Chairman, Pamex in a separate function organised in Kathmandu on the evening of 23 July, 2019. A technical seminar with a presentation by Prof. Chopra and a film on Pamex were the highlights of the evening.

Later, the Nepal Stationery & Educational Material Industries Association (NSEMIA) hosted a dinner for the in the honour of visiting AIFMP officials. Mr. Rameshwor Parajuli, President NSEMIA also felicitated the visiting AIFMP officials.

As a major outcome of the visit AIFMP also signed a MOU with FNPA. The main points of the MOU states that AIFMP and FNPA will together organize a roadshow to promote Pamex in November, 2019. A Print Yatra will be organized across Nepal to provide a platform for Nepalese Printers to voice their needs and issues. The two associations also decided to have a gallery at Pamex 2020 to showcase Nepalese Printers. While discussing the mutual co-operation of  the two countries, it was noted that India and Nepal are interdependent in terms of printing business. FNPA and AIFMP agreed to support the business interest of printers and to jointly handle issues pertaining to promotion and growth of printing industry of both the countries. It was also agreed that both the associations will continue to support mutual activities, both on national as well as the global level.

“We are very excited to sign this MOU with FNPA. We hope this mutual co-operation between the two countries will be fruitful


and this will lead to bigger collaborations in the coming future. This MOU will also raise awareness for Pamex 2020 in Nepal and I am sure we will see the biggest contingent of Nepalese Printers in an India Printing Show ever.” added Joshi.

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